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If you have an idea or invention you believed had the potential to improve the quality of someone’s life and could be useful or marketable to the healthcare or rehabilitation industry, then we’d love to hear from you.

We at MOBB Medical believe there is a great untapped reservoir of ideas in the healthcare and rehabilitation community. We are calling out to those who would like to help us further the cause of developing ideas, inventions and products that could be helpful in our industry.

As the home healthcare and rehabilitation markets continue to rapidly expand, there is an ever increasing demand for those breakthrough products that can assist those in need. MOBB Medical is always interested in evaluating these new products and ideas for the global markets we serve. As a forward-thinking company that thrives on innovation, we value small improvements to existing items as much as the cutting-edge ideas that can revolutionize our marketplace.

Your invention could be the next big thing or a small improvement that nets great results for yourself and the home healthcare or rehabilitation markets we serve. Although we have a far reaching market, we feel we are nimble enough to get to market quicker than our competitors and put those great ideas into action.

We are dedicated to the collaboration process with our inventors in order to develop prototypes and get their ideas to market. Whether you’re a therapist, patient, care-giver, part-time inventor, engineering student or just a creative thinker, our MOBB Innovation Team would like to evaluate the potential of your idea or invention.